To provide our clients in the City of Cornwall excellent client service and to leverage the use of technology to be the most user-friendly and efficient delivery & moving service available.

  • One Call Delivers All*

    Meeting your delivery needs!


    • Pharmacies                                                             
    • Convenience Stores                               
    • Gift/Specialty Stores                                                
    • Fast-Food Restaurants                                             
    • Parcels/Envelopes                                                   
    • Kinsmen TV Bingo Cards                  
    • Pick-up/Delivery for Kijiji, Facebook Group Purchases, Etc.*
    • And much more**
    • Business to Business
    • Business to Customer
    • Bank Deposits
    • Parcels/Envelopes
    • And much more*

    * Subject to exceptions

    **Exceptions: Wine, Spirits, & Beer



    • Relocations
    • Single Item Moves
    • Waste Management Facility
  • Our Rates

    Delivery Rates

    Rate is based on pick-up and delivery location and type of item(s)


    Base Rate - $4.00 & up




    Reduced Rates Available for

    Commercial Deliveries*

    (Call today for a quote)


    All rates include HST

    Rates subject to change without notice
    Fuel surcharge applies for deliveries outside of city limits
    *Conditions Apply

    Moving Rates

    Two Options Available

    Option #1 - By Hourly Rate

    $125 per hour (minimum of 2 hours)

    $62.50 1/2 hour


    Option #2 - By Move Size

    One Bedroom - Starting at $275

    Two Bedrooms - Starting at $350

    Three Bedrooms - Starting at $550

    Four or more - Call for quote


    All rates include HST

    Rates subject to change without notice

    Fuel surcharge applies for moves outside of city limits

    50% deposit required

    Minimum of 48 hours notice for cancellations


  • Moving Checklist

    Let Us Help You Save $$$


    Moving can be stressful and expensive. The better prepared you are for your move, the more efficient our team can be. Refer to our handy Moving Checklist below for recommendations and tips.



    Disconnect washer & dryer

    Unplug stove & fridge (Tip: have coolers ready for frozen/refrigerated items)



    Disconnect electronics such as TV, DVD player, game consoles, etc.

    Use painters tape or zip ties to wind up cords


    Bedroom Furniture

    Take apart beds/bed-frames (Tip: leave fitted sheet on mattress for extra protection)

    Ensure dressers/nightstands are empty

    Disassemble mirror from dressers



    Pack with boxes that are the same size (Tip: banana boxes work extremely well and be be obtained for free at most grocery stores)

    Clearly label boxes, for example "upstairs bathroom", "basement", etc.

    Keep boxes light (Tip: under 20 lbs)

    Mark as "fragile", "heavy", etc. when applicable


    Yard Items

    Ensure lawn mover, snow blower, etc have been drained of fuel

    Disconnect propane tank from BBQ (Note: we are unable to move propane tanks or fuel containers)



    Remove any doors that may get in the way ahead of time


  • Payment for Services

    Payment for service accepted by: Cash, Debit (tap only), MasterCard, Visa, American Express, & E-Transfer.

  • Hours of Operation

    For Delivery Service

    Sunday - CLOSED*

    Monday to Friday - 8:00-6:00

    Saturday - 9:00-3:00*


    For Moving Services

    Sunday - 9:00-3:00*

    Monday - Friday - 8:00-6:00

    Saturday - 9:00-3:00*


    (*Subject to change depending on the needs of our clients)

  • Referral Program

    Coming Soon!

  • About Us

    We are professional, efficient & timely. We strive to provide exceptional client service.

    Ryan Denneny

    Owner & Operator

    "I am new to the world of business, but I am eager to make Citywide Delivery & Moving a success. I trust that my Pappy would be proud!"

    Barry Denneny


    "Citywide Delivery Service was once a viable and reputable local business. We inspire to achieve the same and much, much more. I was an employee of my father-in-law's at one time and I am happy to be an owner/operator now".

    Chantal Legault-Denneny


    Daughter of Richard Legault, founder of Citywide Delivery Service.


    "We had no choice but to shut down Citywide Delivery Service when my father passed away. A decision we have regretted these last 12 years. I am thrilled to resurrect my father's business and add our own flair to it. I can only hope that we can measure up to the level of quality service he offered to his clients from 1984-2005".